Challenge Questions - Turbine Engines Sec 1.

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Challenge Questions - Turbine Engines Sec 1. Empty Challenge Questions - Turbine Engines Sec 1.

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Q1. Explain the difference between the 4 types of Turbine engines.

- Turboprop

- Turbojet

- Turbofan

- Turboshaft

Q 2. Turbine engines are categorized by the type of compressor they use. The compressor types fall into 3 categories, what are they?

Q 3. The following instrument gauges are common amongst jet aircraft. Explain the difference in function of each one.

- EPR Gauge

- EGT Gauge

- TIT Gauge

- TOT Gauge

- ITT Gauge

Q 4. Explain the function of N1 & N2. What do they represent?

Q 5. Turboprop and turboshaft engine power output (BHP) is measure by a 'toquemeter'. Why is this? Consider the difference in structure compared to other turbine engines.

Q 6. Explain the causes of a 'compressor stall' in relation to the vector quantities of the propeller component of relative airflow.

Q 7. What is a 'flame out'? What actions should be taken in the event?

Q 8. In terms of altitude and airspeed, what is the graphical comparison of the Turbojet to the Turbosfan and reciprocating power plant?

Q 9. What are the parts in a 'thermocouple' and how does its function apply to turbine engines?

Q 10. What is the functional difference between the exhaust gases kinetic energy being used in a Turbojet and a Turboshaft?

Q 11. How does Newtons 3d law of motion relate to the ideas of as jet engine?

Q 12. What are the advantages and disadvantages between 'high bypass' and 'low bypass' turbo fans?

Q 13. What is the main technological difference between a 'ramjet' and a turbo jet?

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