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Post  Admin on Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:30 am

This forum is a connection between all kinds of pilots and students around the world. See this as a large online study group, where you can come and ask questions your own questions, someone will answer you in no time at all. This forum is connected to the original Aviation Theory Forum page on Facebook, with over 400 pilots.

Also, I encourage you to answer the 'Challenge Questions' under the various subject headings, you are also encouraged to post challenge questions of your own Very Happy This forum is self maintaining in that way. We are all here, not to answer questions we know, but to learn the answers to questions we don't know Smile This is how you learn!

If you require information on any subject, you are free to contact me through e-mail and ask. I'm more than happy to post sections on what people are looking to learn.

- Post your Questions in any section under the 'Post Your Questions' link. For example, if you have a question about Aerodynamics, go to the Aerodynamics category and under it you will find the 'Post Your Questions' link. Do 'not' post under the Aerodynamics link, this is reserved for information posts.

- Simply hold your mouse over a link and a caption will appear advising you how to use that particular link. Please follow the directions.

This forum also supports, mechanics, lawyers and flight attendants.

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