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Lambert Conformal Conic Projection (LCC)

A Lambert conformal conic projection (LCC) is a conic map projection, which is often used for aeronautical charts. In essence, the projection superimposes a cone over the sphere of the Earth, with two reference parallels secant to the globe and intersecting it. This minimizes distortion from projecting a three dimensional surface to a two-dimensional surface. There is no distortion along the standard parallels, but distortion increases further from the chosen parallels. As the name indicates, maps using this projection are conformal.
Pilots favor these charts because a straight line drawn on a Lambert conformal conic projection approximates a great-circle route between endpoints. The European Environment Agency recommends its usage for conformal pan-European mapping at scales smaller or equal to 1:500,000[1].

A globe is the only way to represent the earth with constant scale throughout the entire map in all directions. A map cannot achieve that property for any area, no matter how small. It can, however, achieve constant scale along specific lines.
Some possible properties are:
The scale depends on location, but not on direction. This is equivalent to preservation of angles, the defining characteristic of a conformal map.
Scale is constant along any parallel in the direction of the parallel. This applies for any cylindrical or pseudocylindrical projection in normal aspect.
Combination of the above: the scale depends on latitude only, not on longitude or direction. This applies for the Mercator projection in normal aspect.
Scale is constant along all straight lines radiating from two particular geographic locations. This is the defining characteristic an equidistant projection, such as the Azimuthal equidistant projection or the Equirectangular projection.

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